What do our meetings look like? During each meeting we have three main elements:

  • Social time, where we eat (delicious food we take turns preparing) and get to know each other better;
  • Learning, where we listen to an interesting and dynamic speaker on an important life topic; and
  • Discussion, where we talk about the topic and develop deeper relationships with those at our table.
A couple times a year we also complete a fun craft project!

I understand you take summer breaks. When does MOPS start and end? The MOPS year begins in September and ends in May with a break for the winter holidays. However, we have many playdates and Girls' Night Outs scheduled throughout the summer. Check out our calendar for ongoing MOPS events.

Where do we meet?
We meet at our charter church, Christ Community Church in Pinehurst/West End.

What is the theme this year?
This theme for the 2018-19 year is “Find your fire” 

How many women are in Sandhills MOPS?
We have between 40 and 60 women and approximately 40 children enrolled in the MOPPETS program. 

How do I join Sandhills MOPS? If you are interesting in joining our MOPS group, register now by downloading the registration forms off this site.

What is MOPS International?
MOPS International is our charter organization, a Christian non-Profit organization that beleives in working with local Christian churches to help support mothers of preschoolers. MOPS first began in 1973 in Wheat Ridge, CO with only 6 moms. Now over 110,000 moms participate in MOPS in over 3,860 local MOPS groups in the United States and 29 other countries!! For more information about MOPS International, please visit thier official website at www.mops.org or call 303-733-5353. 

Who can attend a MOPS group?
Mothers with at least one young child, from newborn through Kindergarten. Moms pregnant with their first child are welcome to attend MOPS as well. Moms with older children and one preschooler are also welcome to come to MOPS.

Do I have to join at the beginning of the year?
While you are welcome to send us your registration forms or contact us for info any time during the year, we usually fill up all MOPS and MOPPETS slots by the middle of the summer and have to begin a wait list. Once we begin the wait list, if any spots become available we start filling them with women on the wait list. So, even if there are no slots available, we suggest you send us your forms so you can get on our wait list.

I have been told I am on the wait list. What does that mean?
The number of women we can have registered depends on the number of childcare slots available and the number of chairs we can fit around the tables in our meeting room. When we are at full capacity, we start a wait list so that if moms drop out throughout the year another mom can take her spot as soon as possible. We will contact you as soon as a spot becomes available for you and your children. We are often able to get a few women off the wait list at the start of our second semester in January. Not needing a MOPPETS spot greatly increases your chance of filling a MOPS spot. 

Are there any other MOPS groups in the area?
Yes!  Grace Church in Southern Pines, NC will be offering a MOPS group this year.

What about snow days?
We follow the Moore County School District for closures. So if the Moore County School District is closed, we will not be meeting that day and will resume our regular schedule at the next meeting.

I'm not sure this is for me. Can I come check it out without registering for a whole year?
Yes! Just contact us and let us know you would like to come and visit as a one-time guest. We will let you know if there is room for you on the meeting day you would like to visit. 

My sister/mother/friend is visiting me from out of town. Can I bring her?
Yes. Please contact your DGL or a steering team member at least 24 hours in advance. This is particularly important if additional children will attend so that we can arrange for adequate staffing. If we are at full capacity for that meeting, we may be unable to accomodate extra moms or children, so please contact a steering team member as early as possible to discuss the possibility of a visitor.

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